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In Episode Five of A Rendezvous With Destiny, the gang faces their first escaped soul. Elspeth destroys school property, Flora tries to catch 'em all, and Cleo (hopefully) gets a little closure.

Plot Synopsis[]

Elspeth, Cleo and Flora are in front of the main door into the university courts, where Leah Winters is floating, possessed by the golden figure of Achilles. Cleo manages to hit Leah/Achilles with a lacrosse stick and tackle them to the ground, while Elspeth manages to stab Achilles in the heel. Cleo punches Leah/Achilles in the face, knocking them out and breaking Leah's jaw. As Achilles starts to separate from Leah, he is dragged into the soul box and Flora slams it shut. They take Leah to the campus medical center before setting out to check up on Theodore Manisson (as per Simon's warning in Episode Four). After receiving a message from him regarding meeting up the following morning, they head over to scope out his office.

Notable Lore[]