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In Episode Four of a Rendezvous with Destiny, our heroes discover that something is missing from the Underworld. Elspeth and Simon swap book reviews, Flora asks Persephone to become her dealer, and Cleo tells the girls all about her greatest rival.

Plot Synopsis[]

Elspeth, Cleo and Flora present their coins to Charon, who gives them some final advise before leaving. They make their way through the Fields of Punishment and the Asphodel Fields before reaching a fork in the path. One side leads to Elysium, with The Isles of the Blessed in the middle of a lake. The Isles of the Blessed have been covered in a landslide, with jagged spears of rock surrounded by decay. The other path, which they take, leads towards Hades' palace.

Flora gets tired of walking up the stairs and unconsciously makes a cloud appear to take her up. The group knock on the open palace door. They are lead in by Persephone and meet Hades, who fills them in a bit more about the missing dead. A titan has ripped into Hades' part of the Underworld and is stealing souls from the Isles of the Blessed to sow chaos. The unknown titan is planning an attack the next day on the State Building in DC. Four souls have been taken: Odysseus, Aeneas, Achilles and Jason. The souls are possessing mortal bodies but are controlled by the titan. The souls are predicted to be possessing mortals that are similar to them. Hades presents them with a box that can contain the souls. Persephone leads them up into a tower that provides a shortcut back to the Strawberry Fields bar.

At the bar is Argus, several gnomes, a satyr and Simon. Simon is reading a very old copy of the saga. They briefly explain to him the situation. In return for his help, the three now owe him one favour (with some caveats) to be repaid within the next year. He reveals that the souls have all found bodies and that Achilles is within Cleo's rival, Leah Winters. Simon also mentions that Theodore Manisson has gotten into some trouble, before fading away with a grin.

They head to the basketball court, where Leah is live-streaming a training session. A golden glow is emanating from the room she is in and from the live-stream they can see Leah's body floating in mid-air with a face of golden light superimposed over hers.

Notable Lore[]