A Rendezvous With Destin‪y Wiki

In Episode One of A Rendezvous with Destiny, we meet our heroes: Elspeth Lockewood, Cleo Brewer, and Flora Watson. After a chance encounter at the Cherry Tree Grove bar, the trio are pulled by a mysterious force into something a lot greater than they expected...

Plot Synopsis[]

Elspeth, Cleo and Flora wake up feeling strange, like they need to be somewhere else. Elspeth finds a charred piece of wood on her nightstand, which she recalls from when she was given it by a one-eyed man as a child. Cleo wakes up, slightly bleary-eyed, to a cat on her back. Cleo takes the cat to Campus Services to try to find the cat's owner, but to no success. Flora, preparing for a chill morning, notices wisps of hazy smoke coming though the floorboards and hears receding laughter from outside.

Flora opens that day at the Cherry Tree Grove Bar, working alongside Claire. Cleo ends up in the bar with the cat. Elspeth, despite not normally spending time at the bar, heads in to get some reading done for class.

The three feel a compulsion to head towards the river, so exit the bar. They make small talk as they head towards the Lincoln Memorial, along the National Memorial Pond. They hear the sound of dropping into the water, close to the edge. Elspeth peers over and a webbed hand of a vodyanoy reaches out from the water but missed her leg. Cleo whistles and yells to shoo it away. They move away from the water and towards the Lincoln Memorial again. A chunk of flying marble clips Cleo in the shoulder and she is knocked over.

Notable Lore[]