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Put your detective hats on! In Episode Six of A Rendezvous with Destiny, the gang decides to go snooping. Elspeth breaks into a building after hours, Flora fights the urge to TP, and Cleo starts a study group.

Plot Synopsis[]

Elspeth, Cleo and Flora go to break into Theodore Manisson's office to scope out the place and look for information before their meeting with him the following morning. The building is locked that late at night, but Flora manages to get the attention of a student, Chad, inside who gives them directions to get into the building. Flora is not impressed that Elspeth has them take the stairs up to the office. They briefly encounter a professor, but he is not suspicious of the group. Flora uses her ID card to jiggle open the door to the office. The three search for anything that might be suspicious, though find nothing aside from Manisson's sword. A raven, Munin, taps at the window. He has a message: that Manisson has been possessed by a Greek warrior and that there will be an ambush the next day. Flora offers him a cracker, which be takes before he flies away. They change the meeting to a secluded grassy area near campus to try avoid the ambush. Elspeth checks the computer for recent activity, though there is little of interest aside from cute cat compilations and a letter Manisson had been writing that tails off halfway through a word. They organise to meet the next morning for breakfast at Jimmy's Seafood and Steakhouse. When she gets home, Flora finds a voicemail from her manager

Notable Lore[]