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In Episode Three of A Rendezvous with Destiny, Elspeth, Flora and Cleo make their way to a mysterious bar, travel to a strange new realm, and encounter one very good boy.

Plot Synopsis[]

Elspeth, Cleo and Flora are in the Lincoln Memorial underground base with Professor Theodore Manisson. The professor gives the three a healing kit and a handful of coins (Elspeth chooses one with Paddington Bear on it) before they leave for the Strawberry Fields bar, Flora leading the way.

The bar is in the process of setting up for the evening. The owner, Argus, is behind the bar, wiping down glasses. Argus asks the three to wait for a bit while he checks with someone downstairs. Another member of staff, Geryon, covers the bar for him. A smartly dressed man enters and sits down to work on a tablet. Flora attempts (and fails) to figure out what her staff does. The man, who introduces himself as Simon, advises against mucking around with the staff.

Argus directs the three into the bar cellar and through a secret passage behind . He warns them that the "middle head can be a little tricky to deal with" and gives them a few more hints for the upcoming journey into the Underworld, before wishing them good luck.

Though it is pitch black, there is a ghostly green outline around everything that allows them to see. Swamp water lies between jagged stones that form a path with tufts of grass in places. Across the marsh are green specters, wandering. A ghostly hand crawls up Flora's hand, which is quickly batted away. There is a towering obsidian wall with a gate guarded by Kerberos. Cleo offers her hand to the dog, who licks him and pushes a bone towards her to throw. They distract the dog with the bone to enter through the unlocked gate.

They are attacked by one of the more corporeal specters. Elspeth manages to disperse it with her sword. Approaching the River Styx, there is a hooded figure, Charon, stood in an old row boat. Charon gives them some context regarding how the Underworld works, before setting off across the river.

Notable Lore[]