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In Episode Two of A Rendezvous with Destiny, our heroes encounter an aggressive creature in the shadows, receive some mysterious gifts, and learn a truth which will forever change their lives...

Plot Synopsis[]

The episode opens with a flying chunk of marble clipping Cleo in the shoulder. In the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial they see a large troll. After a short battle, Cleo targets one of the troll's weakened areas with a stick transformed into a bat and the troll crumbles into dust. Flora sustains minor injuries.

They continue up the steps towards the Lincoln Monument. A figure runs down the steps towards them. It is Theodore Manisson, Elspeth's professor, who has been told to meet them there. He leads them into a hidden door in the Lincoln Memorial and down into a large room with marble pillars, book shelves lining the walls and various weapons and items from mythology (including a minotaur skull and the helmet of Perseus).

He explains how the gods from all pantheons are real and that the three have either been chosen by gods or have a parent who is a god. Flora is in denial and Elspeth requests more information. Theodore Manisson continues on to say that they are demigods, scions, and various things will be trying to find them and there is no opt out cause. There are bad things occurring on a cosmic level. Elspeth is surprised to hear she is chosen by Baldur and that the one-eyed man she met in her childhood was Odin. Theodore Manisson presents her with a sword. Flora is told that she is the daughter of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. He has left Flora a staff. Cleo is told she is chosen by Bast, who she met previously on a night out but did not recognise. Cleo is given a pair of shoes and a phone from Bast.

Theodore Manisson had been told via ravens to meet the three at the Lincoln monument, to tell them what was occurring and to present them with the items. There is a war going on between the gods and the titans. Titan-spawn, such as the troll they fought, want to disrupt the world. Scions are there to stop that. Inter-pantheon disputes occur but are on a smaller scale. The gods can't directly interfere with the Mortal Plane.There is something happening in Elysium, and the three need to meet with Hades in the Underworld. Cleo and Flora want to stay out of it by Elspeth volunteers to go. However, the three don't have a choice. Cleo and Flora change their minds when they hear their families are likely in danger.

They are told to head to an old bar called the Strawberry Fields, where there is an entrance to the Underworld. Souls have started to go missing from Elysium, including Achilles and Odysseus. Hades will likely have more information for them. Elspeth, Cleo and Flora head towards the Strawberry Fields, new items in hand.

Notable Lore[]