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Hades is the Greek part of the Underworld. Elspeth, Cleo and Flora enter the Hades portion of the Underworld in Episode Three through a secret passage in the cellar of the Strawberry Fields bar.

The passage down is pitch black but everything is illuminated by a ghostly green light. Swamp water lies between jagged stones that form a path with tufts of grass in places. It feels cold and clammy. Across the marsh are green specters, wandering. There is a towering obsidian wall with an unlocked gate guarded by Kerberos. The path continues for a while until it reaches a jetty at the River Styx, where Charon stands to row people across. Rising up in the distance is a large obsidian palace.

Across the river is the Fields of Punishment. The path is more well put together, with macabre designs etched into the stone. Chasms on either side drop down into fire, with people in the flames and harpies flying above. In the distance is a person (Tantalus) beneath a tree trying to reach the fruit, and a man (Sisyphus) trying to push a rock up a hill.

Next is the Asphodel Fields. It is a field, with people milling around, bordered by a silver river (the River Lethe). Occasionally a soul will have a talk with the figure on the jetty before they are dipped in the river and float away downstream.

The path forks, one leading towards the palace and the other around the side to Elysium. Elysium includes what would have once been islands in the middle of a lake (The Isles of the Blessed), surrounded by lush fields. When it is first seen in Episode Four, the Isles of the Blessed have been covered in a landslide, with jagged spears of rock surrounded by decay.

The wide steps up to the palace are a shinning black obsidian. The palace itself looks like it has been carved out of the cave wall and is also made of black obsidian.