A Rendezvous With Destin‪y Wiki
Episode Title Air Date Link Runtime
Episode One: Setting the Ba‪r‬ May 6, 2020 Here 44:20
In Episode One of A Rendezvous with Destiny, we meet our heroes: Elspeth Lockewood, Cleo Brewer, and Flora Watson. After a chance encounter at the Cherry Tree bar, the trio are pulled by a mysterious force into something a lot greater than they expected...
Episode Two: Setting the Bar pt. ‪2‬ May 7, 2020 Here 38:17
In Episode Two of A Rendezvous with Destiny, our heroes encounter an aggressive creature in the shadows, receive some mysterious gifts, and learn a truth which will forever change their lives...
Episode Three: Strawberry Field‪s‬ May 14, 2020 Here 40:00
In Episode Three of A Rendezvous with Destiny, Elspeth, Flora and Cleo make their way to a mysterious bar, travel to a strange new realm, and encounter one very good boy.
Episode Four: Strawberry Fields pt. ‪2‬ May 21, 2020 Here 43:34
In Episode Four of a Rendezvous with Destiny, our heroes discover that something is missing from the Underworld. Elspeth and Simon swap book reviews, Flora asks Persephone to become her dealer, and Cleo tells the girls all about her greatest rival.
Episode Five: Courting Fat‪e‬ May 28, 2020 Here 36:30
In Episode Five of A Rendezvous With Destiny, the gang faces their first escaped soul. Elspeth destroys school property, Flora tries to catch 'em all, and Cleo (hopefully) gets a little closure.
Episode Six: Quoth the Rave‪n‬ June 4, 2020 Here 40:58
Put your detective hats on! In Episode Six of A Rendezvous with Destiny, the gang decides to go snooping. Elspeth breaks into a building after hours, Flora fights the urge to TP, and Cleo starts a study group.
Episode Seven: Breakfast, and Then Maybe Death‪ June 11, 2020 Here 45:34
In Episode Seven of a Rendezvous with Destiny, the gang encounters their second legendary hero. Flora is captivated by cake, Cleo does some heavy lifting, and Elspeth realises sometimes violence really is the answer.
Episode Eight: So, You Think You Might Be Magic..‪.‬ June 18, 2020 Here 48:58
In Episode Eight of a Rendezvous With Destiny, the third nefarious soul catches our heroes by surprise. Elspeth loses at hide and seek, Cleo plays baseball with a ghost, and Flora makes a new friend.
Episode Nine: Annie, Are You Okay‪?‬ June 25, 2020 Here 47:31
In the penultimate episode of A Rendezvous With Destiny's first arc, the gang gets political. Cleo's ego gets a legendary boost, Elspeth enjoys some quality mother-daughter time, and Flora tries to join an Aide Program.
Episode Ten: Amazons, Prime July 2, 2020 Here 46:39
In the final episode of A Rendezvous with Destiny's first arc, our heroes face their greatest challenge yet. Flora reaches her dad's answering machine, Elspeth proves two hands are better than a hundred, and Cleo shows everyone the meaning of cat-like reflexes.